I’m aware most of my posts have been about bundles lately, here’s why


You’ll have noticed most of my posts lately have been about Humble Bundles and it’s not very exciting to read. The main reason is though I’ve had things I want to write about and even have some rough drafts, I’ve been struggling with recurring depression which came back after a decent amount of time away, and these days, it’s pretty bad and sticks around. It’s hard to do much of anything when you’re spending your time trying not to kill yourself and getting through each day. Continue reading


I’m sick of being out of shape, I’m going to fix it

I’m sick of being completely out of shape. I’ve made efforts in the past to fix this but it’s always the same: after around a month at most, my new routine that’s working quite well will slip and I’ll fall all the way to the bottom again. It’ll take many months before I can work up the will to have another go and then it happens all over again. Thing is, when I get into eating healthier and getting fit, I see results after not too long. It may not be an overnight transformation but after around a month, there will be a noticeable difference in how I look with my ability to do exercises Continue reading

I’m passionate about writing, it’s time to stop avoiding it

I’m passionate about gaming, I grew up with it and my desire to enter the industry is strong enough that I’ve set off on a path that will hopefully allow me to build a career in it some day. I attended a course in games development at uni, I’ve entered a game jam and now I’m working on my own game project with the hope that I can create something enjoyable to play. I have a ways to go but each step of progress is a milestone I feel proud of myself for reaching and with each Continue reading