The Humble Sierra Bundle offers a bunch of classic adventure games for cheap


I’m a bit late this time because of personal stuff but there’s still a little over a week to go so here’s a bit of info about the most recent Humble Bundle! The Humble Sierra Bundle brings a whole bunch of classics and a few newer ones to the table at a pretty big discount. If you buy the game at the highest tier, you get a total of 35 games, or 40 if you include individual episodes of episodic games. This is pretty good for fans of old point and click adventure games and if you’re not, there’s a few other types of games thrown in here too. Continue reading


First gameplay video of The Church in the Darkness released with dev commentary


Paranoid Productions has released the first gameplay video of The Church in the Darkness ahead of PAX West 2016 with commentary from game director, Richard Rouse. This is a top down, action infiltration game themed after the radical groups and cult movements of the 1970s in the US. Set in the jungles of South America you play as Vic, a former police man infiltrating Freedom Town which is inhabited by cultists or radicals to try and locate his nephew who has recently lost contact with his sister. Continue reading

2K completes Mafia III Characters trailer series with “The Mentors”


The much anticipated Mafia III has been gearing up for it’s early October release date lately with a steady stream of trailers introducing the characters Lincoln Clay, the protagonist, will team up with to form a new family which will take on the Italian Mafia. These videos push the tagline “Family isn’t who you’re born with, it’s who you die for”, touching on the characters’ individual motivations going into the game. Continue reading

Do you own a PS3 or PS4? The Humble Capcom PlayStation Bundle is worth a look

Resi HD

If you’re a PlayStation owner then this Tuesday’s Humble Bundle will likely be a pleasant surprise. This week brings the Capcom PlayStation bundle and includes a large number of Capcom games on the PS3 and a few on the PS4. Sorry Vita owners, your platform is being left out.

The games included range from survival horror classics Resident Evil HD and 0 Remastered to fighting games with Super Street Fighter 2, third person shooters and even a puzzle game. Continue reading

Long Read: Communication is important, No Man’s Sky isn’t what people expected

header image

No Man’s Sky is a bit of an odd one for me. I was really interested in it when the game was initially announced at E3 back in 2014. A game that allows you to seamlessly transition between the surface of planets and space, and explore the universe in any direction with the ultimate goal of reaching the centre of the galaxy to discover a well kept secret. It both looked and sounded really cool and as with many others, I saw a huge amount of potential in the game. Continue reading

The seal has been broken, a new Humble Bundle has awoken to reign terror on your wallets

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Lock your doors, hide your Steam library, it’s Tuesday and the Humble Bundle is here! This week it brings another collection packed full of indie gems at low prices that are sure to fill you with regret later as your backlog continues to grow. What more could you ask for?

The Humble Indie Bundle 17 includes a variety of indie hits ranting from narrative filled, single player games to hectic 4 player local multiplayer titles. It’s the usual pay what you want for the lowest tier and pay above specified amounts the tiers above that. Continue reading