It turns out immersive sims are pretty great after all


The immersive sim is an interesting kind of game. Until a recently, I’d pretty much ignored the genre… or at least I thought I had.

It’s a mix of genres (not always the same) which combine to create something that can to an extent, provide simulated worlds within which the player can fully immerse themselves in. You may not have heard of the genre before but there’s a good chance you’ve played one of the games that sit within it. Have you played any of The Elder Scrolls or recent Fallout games? Bioshock? What about Deus Ex? They’re all considered immersive sims. Continue reading


Virtual Reality has a lot going for it

Vive Rift PSVR

I have several old, initial drafts of articles from a year ago I want to redraft and post but I’ve been out of the whole writing thing for a while and right now, I’m in the mood for something fresh, something I haven’t written about much before. Today’s topic? VR!

Virtual reality has been getting a lot of attention over the past few years. A very successful Kickstarter project with the Oculus Rift completely reignited what was essentially a dead industry in VR, at least as far as consumer products went. What died in the 90s has been revived in the 2010s as something new and exciting! Continue reading

I played Resident Evil and it surprised me

Resident Evil is a game I said I’d never play. It’s an old classic, a first of it’s kind that layed the foundation for a huge franchise yet it never appealed to me. I don’t like the horror genre, I don’t like fixed camera angles and I like being able to save wherever and however often I like. Recently though, a reviewer who creates the brilliant video series Huber Hype, Michael Huber, recently dedicated two entire episodes to talking about this franchise, detailing every main entry with a few smaller ones and why it’s his favourite game series of all time before instructing his audience Continue reading

My issue with steelbook cases


I was looking at a collector’s edition online tonight for a big game coming out in September, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. There’s a really interesting item in there, a replica of Snake’s robot arm along with  a Blu-Ray containing a documentary and a map. Unsurprisingly though, and to my disappointment, it contains the standard in game dlc and a steelbook case. The steelbook case is my focus here. Continue reading

Halo 3 is a part of me and it’s dying but that’s ok


It’s amazing how large an impact our interests and hobbies have on our lives. Just as our work and social lives participate in shaping who we are, so do the things we read and the games we play. Each part of our lives can provide us with something special whether it’s people, moments or experiences that end up being apart of us. No matter how long it’s been since we’ve met or revisited them, we’ll never truly be able toforget them. Upon doing so, those special memories, all those details will come flooding back no matter how long it’s been.

Continue reading

Gaming, harassment and the internet. We need to have a discussion

I try to be positive about things. When I write, I want to be spreading positivity or at the very least, provide something meaningful that people can take away from it. Even if I’m criticising something, I want to be fair and provide space for people to share their own opinions, whether they agree or disagree. I want to share my enthusiasm for the games industry and contribute to improving it.

This is an attitude I feel most people should have when joining discussions surrounding the industry. People should be reasonable and capable of having peaceful discussions Continue reading

Destiny impressions: How Bungie lost my trust and regained it with a single act


Bungie is an interesting company. No matter how much they want to change the sort of games they make, they always go back to sci fi first person shooters. It’s where they began, it’s where they went on their journey with Microsoft and it’s where they are now with their new companion, Activision.

Whereas other developers appear to run out of creativity and end up making a series or even entire sub genres of games feel stale, Bungie manage time and time again to mix things up and Continue reading