Games of the Year of Dreams

I finally got around to doing my games of the year list at the last minute. I could have written a much better thing for this and potentially had multiple posts but I’ve not really been gaming a whole lot recently and I’ve been a bit busy so last minute will have to do! My list is a little different in that aside from forgetting a lot of stuff, I’ve put mine into various sections that feel more appropriate.

Games are organised from best/most important from top to bottom with a short description next to each one with my reasoning. It’s not well written, it’s just sort of thrown out there and it’s probably a bit messy. Regardless, here’s the list below. Continue reading


You should follow: GameTrailers

I’m going to be trying a few things with this blog here and there with both things that may or may not be related to gaming. Part of that is highlighting people or sites of whom I appreciate both them and their content. I may not get many views on here but it’s a positive thing to do. So for my first try at this, I want to talk about GameTrailers. GT have been around for a long time now and if you’ve followed gaming media for a while, you’lllikely recognise the name, they used to have the main stream to watch for big events and E3 in particular. They’ve not had quite the same Continue reading