I’m aware most of my posts have been about bundles lately, here’s why


You’ll have noticed most of my posts lately have been about Humble Bundles and it’s not very exciting to read. The main reason is though I’ve had things I want to write about and even have some rough drafts, I’ve been struggling with recurring depression which came back after a decent amount of time away, and these days, it’s pretty bad and sticks around. It’s hard to do much of anything when you’re spending your time trying not to kill yourself and getting through each day.

I’ve thrown out two quick Humble Bundle posts today because I needed something to do and it’s a quick and easy way to write something and keep practising with the whole news thing. I should probably keep up the writing thing when I can to give me something to do so I’ll be trying to write about things a bit more again, even though the view counts are consistently low regardless.

I do have some things to write about both new and old, and I went to Scotland Comic Con this past Saturday. I have a first draft written about it that I’m going to turn into two pieces before writing a third one with each focusing on a different thing. One about my experience of the event and overall thoughts on it, another about good preparation for conventions and another about a couple similar things I bought at the convention. Hopefully it’ll turn out alright and make for an interesting enough little series to read through.

As for covering bundles, I’ve got that down and I’m getting a bit bored of it so I’m going to try changing things up. If I end up posting regularly enough then I may continue with them as normal but I think what I want to do is work on a weekly bundle compilation of the best bundles of each week and cover each of them, all within the same post unless one is exceptional enough to warrant a dedicated post. It should be more interesting for me and anyone who happens to read and may make it a more worthwhile read. I have a source for general press releases so I’m going to be trying to pay more attention to the news and keep up posts there inbetween bigger things too, a little like I’d started before I stopped posting for a few weeks.

It sounds like I’ll be posting a lot throughout each week from this and ideally, that will be the case but since there’s no bigger site where my posts have a good chance of regularly going up and I have no properly agreed commitments, I’ll be doing it when I can get away from my depression just enough to write.

Just a little update on why there’s been pretty much nothing but posts on bundles lately, I’m getting sick of it as well and things will change soon. I may start posting more personal blog stuff so I can organise my thoughts and vent a little.

As you were.


3 thoughts on “I’m aware most of my posts have been about bundles lately, here’s why

  1. THIS is where you disappeared to! We miss you! :-( Show up in the Discord chat once in awhile and say hi! We’ll be waiting. And if there’s anything you need to shoot the shit about, I’m sure a number of us would be willing to listen. We like you here. I know depression’s a bitch, and just talking to people about it isn’t always a successful cure, but if we can help you out in anyway, let us know!

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