The new Humble Bundle is a great deal for aspiring game developers

If you’re an aspiring games developer or if you want a peek at what games development is really like then this week’s Humble Bundle is fantastic. This bundle is all about GameMaker Studio and includes 3 tiers of modules, steam keys and source code for popular and well received games developed with the engine.

The base tier alone includes GameMaker: Studio Pro, the game Cook, Serve Delicious and the source code for four games. Higher tiers will net you modules for GameMaker Studio that will allow you to develop for the web with HTML5 and provide native support for Android, iOS and Windows UWP, which means you’ll be able to put your games up on the Windows store.8484c55c2ca1372e55606dcd93625fef

There’s a decent selection of full games on offer with the likes of Home, Solstice and INK included and usefully, the bundle contains source code for every full game included though sadly, most of these are split between different tiers. Say for example you want the source code for Home, of which the game is included in the beat the average tier. You would have to purchase the top, $15/£11.25 tier to get it.

It’s a little annoying if you just want a peek at things and maybe a play around but are mainly purchasing the bundle for the included full games but if you’re interested in games development or are looking for a new engine to try out, it’s probably worth grabbing the full thing for the additional modules.

As for GameMaker Studio itself, it’s proven itself more than competent with a number of highly successful and well loved games under its belt. Hotline Miami, Spelunky, Undertale, Stealth Bastard/Inc, VA-11 HALL-A and many others were all made using it.

This of course doesn’t mean you should use GameMaker Studio over every other engine out there. It just means it’s capable of producing great games in the right hands, like any competent game engine. It’s worth looking around around to find out what engine or development method suits you and the game you’re making best. If you’re curious about it though, it may be worth picking this bundle up.

Here’s the bundle contents in their entirety:

Pay $1/£0.75+:
• GameMaker: Studio Pro
• Uncanny Valley – Full Game (Steam, DRM free)
• Cook, Serve, Delicious! – Full Game (Steam, DRM free)
• INK – Full Game (Steam)
• Extreme Burger Defense – Source Code
• Freeway Mutant – Source Code
• Shep Hard – Full game (DRM free) + Source Code
• Angry Chickens: Egg Madness! – Full Game (Android APK) + Source Code
• 40% off 10 Second Ninja X – Coupon (Humble Store)

Pay more than the average (currently around $11.27/£8.45):
• HTML5 Module (GameMaker Studio)
• Home – Full Game (Steam, DRM free)
• Solstice – Full Game (Steam, DRM free)
• Galactic Missile Defense – Full Game (Android APK) + Source Code
• Uncanny Valley – Source Code
• INK – Source Code
• 10 Second Ninja X GameMaker Edition – Source Code
• Cook, Serve, Delicious! – Source Code

Pay $15/£1.29 or more:
• Android Module (GameMaker Studio)
• iOS Module (GameMaker Studio)
• Windows UWP Module (GameMaker Studio)
• Flop Rocket – Full Game (Android APK) + Source Code
• Solstice – Source Code
• Home – Source code

The featured charity for this bundle is Doctors Without Borders and as usual, you can also support a charity of your own choosing as well as decide how your money is distributed between charity, the developer and Humble Bundle.

This bundle ends in 2 weeks time on the 20th of September at 7PM BST. You can get the Humble GameMaker Bundle here.


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